Web platform

Trade on financial markets from any browser The MetaTrader 5 Web platform allows you to start trading Forex, stocks and futures markets from any browser and operating system. With the MetaTrader 5 Web Platform, all you need to have is an Internet connection.

You can analyze quotes of financial instruments, perform trading operations, and access the history of your trades form any computer or laptop powered by Windows, MacOS or Linux. The web platform allows placing pending orders, sending trade orders with one click from the Market Depth, and performing comprehensive market analysis using 30 technical indicators and 24 graphical objects. All these features can now be accessed any time and from any browser.

In addition to high versatility, the web trading platform provides maximum data protection, while all transmitted information is securely encrypted. The web platform also supports an additional enhanced protection method through the use of two-factor authentication.

Launch your browser and start trading on the web right now!

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Initial deposit: $10

Account currency: USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, XRP, ETH

Spread floating from: 1.4 pip

Leverage up to: 1000:1

Commission: none

Trade from: 0.001 lot

Platform: MetaTrader5


Initial deposit: $2000

Account currency: USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, XRP, ETH

Spread floating from: 0.0 pip

Leverage up to: 500:1

Commission: $5 per lot

Trade from: 0.01 lot

Platform: MetaTrader5

MetaTrader 5, web browser version

Investing can bring high returns. However, not every system adapted to market investments works to the same extent. In addition, the constant development of innovative computer technologies forces platform changes, which will adapt the system to the prevailing conditions. One of such new solutions is MetaTrader 5 – the successor of MetaTrader 4.

What the MetaTrader 5 platform is used for

MetaTrader 5 is a special system adapted to trading. It was created by Meta Quotes. Using this platform you have access to many diversified markets: from the currency market, commodities to indices and stocks. Using the platform it is possible to carry out advanced economic analysis in the areas where investments are undertaken. It is a powerful tool, but if you carefully track the capabilities of the system, even people without experience in this field will be able to handle the service, especially if they already have some knowledge of trading.

Real-time service, supported by detailed data, brings investment results. The platform in this version also has the ability to create an automatic strategy, which does not require constant control of trading. At the same time, the system has an option tester – this makes it easier to maneuver in the difficult world of trading. MetaTrader 5 is available both for desktop computer and mobile application. It allows for easy work also on tablets or smartphones. In addition, there is a web browser version of MT5 – you can use it on any computer, without installing specialized software.

The differences between MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

The world is changing, not only the surrounding one, but also the area of stock market investments, trading and finance. Advanced systems are now essential for effective work. That is why the MetaTrader 5 platform replaced the proven version of MetaTrader 4. For the sake of continuous development, the work system had to be replaced. The newer version is much more extensive and has more important functions to facilitate operation. First, it has been enriched with a professional economic calendar, and the number of both available time intervals and openable and analysable charts has been increased. In order to streamline the work, the number of indicators, analytical tools and reports generated in the platform have been increased. A strategy tester was also developed – it is also available when using the MT5 web browser version.

The most important functions of the MT5 platform in the web browser version

The web browser version of MT5 does not differ significantly from the software version or mobile application. It has all analytical functions available as well as the possibility to change orders. The most important functions are, of course, the modification of real-time actions, access to opposing investments and the use of a wide range of orders. It is worth noting that also in the MT5 web browser version there are reports and an extensive strategy tester, which analyses many scenarios. This means that you can effectively trade from anywhere in the world, from any computer.