Meta Trader 5

Successful traders from around the world have chosen the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform for trading Forex, exchange instruments and futures. The platform offers advanced financial trading functions, as well as superior tools for technical and fundamental analysis. MetaTrader 5 can also trade automatically by using trading robots and trading signals. In addition to the desktop and mobile versions, the platform is available on the web and can be accessed from any device.

The MetaTrader 5 trading system offers an advanced Market Depth feature (with a tick chart and Time & Sales information), a separate accounting of orders and trades, the support of all types of trading orders and execution modes.

Two order accounting modes are provided in the platform: the netting mode is adopted on exchange markets, while the hedging method can be used for Forex trading. With the One Click Trading function and the Market Depth option, users can buy and sell currency pairs, equities and futures with just one click. The Stop Loss and Take Profit options are designed to help secure profits and minimize losses. With the MetaTrader 5 trading system you can take the maximum advantage of any market situation!

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Initial deposit: $10

Account currency: USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, XRP, ETH

Spread floating from: 1.4 pip

Leverage up to: 1000:1

Commission: none

Trade from: 0.001 lot

Platform: MetaTrader5


Initial deposit: $2000

Account currency: USD, EUR, GBP, BTC, XRP, ETH

Spread floating from: 0.0 pip

Leverage up to: 500:1

Commission: $5 per lot

Trade from: 0.01 lot

Platform: MetaTrader5

MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform for Forex, Stocks and Futures
The online trading platform MetaTrader 5 is the latest addition to the popular Russian MetaTrader platform for Forex trading and online trading. Initially, it was intended as an alternative to the previous version, but it soon turned out to be an excellent additional platform. What is the MT5 platform for and how does it differ from its previous version?

Characteristics of the MetaTrader 5 platform
The MetaTrader 5 platform is an additional auxiliary platform, providing an alternative to brokers offering market execution and several other execution models. The company responsible for the creation of MT5 is MetaQuotes, for which the main reason for the implementation of the new platform was the desire to adapt it from scratch to the STP and ECN models. In order to adapt the platform to the new models it was necessary to implement new order processing solutions. Several important tools were added, which allowed for displaying trade volume and market depth. The current MT5 trading platform allows for partial execution of orders, which significantly facilitates the use of the platform.
MetaTrader allows users to monitor prices and market development. The data is presented in detail on charts, the user has the possibility to set notifications and indicators, and can trade directly. A big advantage of the platform is an extensive set of investment indicators, thanks to which making investment decisions before a broker is facilitated.

MetaTrader 4 vs MetaTrader 5 – main differences
MT5 and MT4 are one of the most popular trading platforms in the world. How does MetaTrader 5 differ from its predecessor?
More intuitive interface, making the use of the platform easier.
On the MT5 platform, there are available configurable interval units.
Order history is available.
An investment calendar is available.
history of automatic orders is available On charts.
Apart from the issues related to the functioning of the platform, additional updates are available in the latest version of MetaTrader, which improve the whole system from a technical point of view. Thanks to this MT5 in comparison to MT4 has:
More stable and faster connection to servers.
More accurate and faster Order processing.
Possibility to connect the platform with macOS, iOS, Android computers and various web browsers.
Greater transparency and intuitiveness.

Features of the MetaTrader 5 platform
The MetaTrader 5 trading platform is not only newer and more efficient but also much more functional. It is mainly the result of technological development and the application of modern solutions. Additional functions that have been implemented in the program are
Macroeconomic calendar integrated with the platform.
Possibility to access the depth of the market as well as the volume of transactions.
Extended number of investment indicators available in the standard version of the program.
Journal of traditional and automatic orders.
The latest version of the program no longer includes hedging options, which means that opening a position in the opposite direction on the same instrument will close the previous position.